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Principles of Laboratory

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Since the publication of the 4th edition of
BMBL in 1999, significant events have
brought national and international scrutiny to the area of laboratory security.
These events, including the
anthrax attacks on U.S. citizens in October 2001
and the subsequent expansion of the United States Select Agent
regulations in
December 2003, have led scientists, laboratory managers, security specialists,
biosafety professionals, and other scientific and institutional leaders to consider
the need for developing, implementing and/or improving the security of biological
agents and toxins within their facilities. Appendix F of
BMBL 4th edition provided
a brief outline of issues to consider in developing a security plan for biological
agents and toxins capable of serious or fatal illness to humans or animals. In
December 2002, Appendix F was updated and revised as a security and
emergency response guidance for laboratories working with
select agents.
Section VI replaces the previous appendices. The current Appendix F
discusses Select Agent and Toxin
This section describes laboratory
biosecurity planning for microbiological
laboratories. As indicated below, laboratories with good biosafety programs
already fulfill many of the basic requirements for security of biological materials.
For laboratories not handling
select agents, the access controls and
requirements specified for
BSL-2 and
BSL-3 in
BMBL may provide sufficient
security for the materials being studied. Security assessments and additional
security measures should be considered when
select agents, other agents of
high public health and agriculture concern, or agents of high commercial value
such as patented vaccine candidates, are introduced into the laboratory.
The recommendations presented in this section are advisory. Excluding
the Select Agent
regulations, there is no current federal requirement for the
development of a
biosecurity program. However, the application of these


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