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  • To all of the staff at the Parvati Hospital. I felt I must write and thank you for the care and consideration shown to me over the last six months, when I have been undergoing various tests in your department. Times like this are always worrying and stressful, but your friendly welcoming attitude and professional and jargon-free communication make us comfortable.


  • I had met with an accident. When I had visited the Parvati Hospital, my father-in-law and I have been very impressed by the positive atmosphere, friendly and professional attitude of all of the staff. I do not normally like coming to hospital (for obvious reasons), however, the expert care and attention received in this clinic makes such a great difference.

    OPD Patient

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NABH Accredited Hospital in Amritsar


Smt. Parvati Devi Hospital has excelled as the pioneer in the healthcare sector. Being a multispeciality hospital, each department has the best team of health professionals who have years of expertise with zeal to cure every life by providing the most effective and state-of-the-art treatments.

We, as the premium healthcare providers, strive to upgrade our treatments continuously to help people live healthier lives. Meeting the standards of hygiene and striving to improve the quality of the healthcare services, we have set new benchmarks with our medical treatments.

Our healthcare services revolve around providing the best of our services and that is why we have secured the position of the most preferred healthcare provider in the region. We are accredited with NABH since we have always successfully met the required standards.

With a heart to care and hands to cure, our vision is to keep serving the people with our services and let people live disease-free lives. The ethics of our hospital have set an example for others to follow.


We shall always keep upgrading our treatments to fulfill what we commit for a healthy community and better lives.